Monday, 12 August 2013

Random Ramblings - Getting Organised

Back in January I decided I was going to actually do the One Little Word Project... I signed up to the class, got all the stuff I needed, chose my word, did my January homework and then February got crappy and March got even worse and it's not got a whole lot better since so nothing happened.  But I feel I am owing it to myself to get this done.. and with my word being "Shine" what better time to concentrate on it than when am feeling it the least. 

And so... a couple of weeks ago I printed out all the PDF's from the months I've missed and did February's homework, which was to create a Vision Board.  That was FUN!  There were a few links showing ways to approach it, but they one I followed was to keep my mind open and just grab images that called to me, not necessarily ones that matched my word.

I don't have magazines at home, but I do have loads of Boards on Pinterest {LOL don't we all}, so I hit that and gathered all the images that called to me. When I looked at all the images I've grabbed on my camera roll all the colours were aqua, pink and yellow... so so pretty!

And so I created my Vision Board...

I'm not sure what it is my heart {or head} is telling me here yet... freedom, there's the sunshine, peace and girlishness - perhaps being the sole bread winner in the family makes me crave some frivolity as well as some inner freedom.  Whatever it is it will become clear in time.

I'm hoping next weekend I'll work on my March homework, that one looks a little harder - it involves choosing a small goal and working towards it and working out a plan to do that.  I'll have to fast track it somewhat, but that's do-able! 

Now to work on my Soul Restoration Project as well... me and online classes, I'm shocking LOL.  What else have I signed up for and not done... oh my Winged Art Class, tsk Missy!  Well one thing at a time... takes a while to get your life back in order.

I've signed up for a photography course as well... well not a photo course as in learning to use a camera, but a course in learning how to photograph and document the everyday.  It's called "Picture Everyday" and is run through Big Picture Classes, this should really get me motivated with my documenting for Project Life.

This last couple of weeks I managed to finish lots of little projects I have due, hopefully leaving me the next couple of weekends to just chill.  I finished some digi work for a friend {poor girl had waited long enough, I got halfway and then got sidetracked with life and deadlines}, I finished my own digital designs for an iMagineD creations FB Page, created myself a business card, and made some fabric ruffles! I now need to get them onto Etsy as well as some layouts I have for sale onto Etsy, perhaps some art canvases as well... and I need to push the 'publish' button for my iMagineD creations FB page... yeah I've been busy and still have a list to complete!

I've also worked out chore sheets for the family from something I found on Pinterest, needless to say the boys were none impressed, but it needed to be done... I'm tired of working so hard while they play and the house just gets messier and messier!

That's the one I found on Pinterest.  I've changed ours to suit us, one for Darren, one for Kel and one for me... yep I get one too!  I have to go to work and put away my clothes {coz I'm really bad at doing that} and I've scheduled my creative 'chores' as well.

It's not working so well yet LOL, but it worked for a couple of days... one day I'll get them organised!

The image was sourced from The Home She Made but I can't find the exact page.  There's loads of fabulous tips there though, a good read! 

And then I've also got a plan for our family meals, trying to create an easier, healthier approach that fits into our budget.  I've downloaded the book "Don't Panic... [more] Dinner's in the Freezer" and it's brilliant. Another great find through my Pinterest feed.  It's about cooking in bulk on a set day and freezing the meals, so all the recipes are freezer friendly and I'm hoping this will help us save a small fortune. At first I think we'll have to do it weekly because of freezer space, but once I get savvy with it we may be able to push it out to fortnightly.   It's going to take some planning and practice, and while it's more work for me, the boys can help with the process {luckily the dining room acts as an extension to our tiny kitchen} and that's creating family time too, whether they'll like it or not!  It should mean there's no wasting money, time and energy through the week.   I hope LOL, who knows with us lot!

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  1. How wonderful to catch up on projects and goals!! I don't do all my cooking on one day, but do like to make extras when I cook and put them in the freezer for another day. I need to start doing more of that again!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace

    1. I think we'll end up doing the same Tracey, especially in the beginning... I'm having enough trouble organising myself let alone the 3 of us! But we'll get some method working for us.