Friday, 23 August 2013

Random Ramblings - Hubby's Vacation and a cool iPhone App

My hubby is home!  He's been on vacation in Esperance with our sister in law, having a break... {or giving me a break, we're not sure who got the better break} LOL.  But he's home now, and I'm relieved. 

As independent as I like to think I am, having to run around after a teenager and work full time proved not as simple as it used to, even with a teen as easy-going as Kel is. And while the house was blissfully quiet and peaceful, perhaps it was a little too quiet!  I guess I must have missed him, because when I saw the bus coming into the station I got all teary - I'm such a wuss!  I know I'd get into a routine if I had to, but I now know I'd rather not have to.

The first few days were great... I got up on time, got Kel sorted, came to work, got home, moved half the dining room around, cleaned the kitchen and made Taco's for dinner.  The next night same {well I didn't move the dining room around}... and we had left-overs for dinner, then I started 'tidying' my scrap room... as you saw earlier that was no little job.  Saturday night we had more left-overs for dinner.  I was going to call for takeout but Kel insisted I be good and use the last of the chili I made, sigh. I'm now a little over mexican chili now after Tacos, then Chili con Carne on rice, then Nachos.  Kel however was in heaven LOL.

And the leftover saga continued with the veggie mash I made... there was enough for at least 8 of us, thankfully it was really yummy!

I did enjoy cooking again though, think I might need to do some more of that... but I get so tired with everything I try and cram into my life, including fitting my full time employment in there.  These last few months I've realised I'm doing too much, taking too much of myself away from my family - which is kinda sad hey. 

But I'm thankful I've noticed that now, before it's too late.  So changes will be made, slowly at first.  Instead of running like a bull at a gate like I usually do with new ideas, I'm slowly slowing down {LOL that sounds funny}.  I pray though that I don't go and fill up the extra time I create with the same kinds of things I'm removing myself from though, that would be so typical of me!

So... what else can I share?! How about an app review {because apparently I'm app'addicted, so I may as well talk about my addictions since I do everything else}.  I have been hunting for an app that I could easily add photos to days and record what was happening, getting my everyday life in order for Project Life.  Not hard you think, well it was!  There's a whole pile of 'photo a day' style apps out there, but while easy to use and pretty, they were all quite limited. 

I wanted:

  • to add more than one photo per day,
  • to have space to journal and add notes,
  • for the photos to be full sized and not force cropped to a square,
  • the photos to be held in app at full resolution in case I ditched them from my camera roll,
  • the ability to export photos from within the app,
  • and it all had to be easy!

I found - DAY ONE - I'm in LOVE! 

It gave me all I wanted, and MORE.  Not only can I send the photos to my camera roll or via email... I can export the journal log as a PDF!  Photos are saved crisp and clear, I can add as many entries each day as I want AND it gives you the option to log when and where the photo was originally taken - even AFTER I've edited it. So I was able to log all Darren's holiday pics as he messaged them to me and not have to ask when and where they were taken, because it told me - it even told me the weather {obviously you need to have GPS working when you take the shot though}.  On top of that you can create Tags so you can easily find certain photos/entries.  It rocks, seriously!  As a diary, as a photo journal... as a 'get your everyday life in order for Project Life so you can start the darn thing' journal.  I have been using it for almost 2 weeks now and use it every day.  I'm logging at least 4 photos a day, so now when I print them out, I have reference to what was when and where!   The only downfall I have found {and this may just be because I'm still learning} is that I can't bulk export the photos... but I don't need to, because they're on my camera roll or they'll be downloaded on my computer, so that's a very minor thing I think!  Oh and guess what... it syncs with iPad AND there's an application for the Mac as well, which syncs flawlessly.  Bliss!  so if you're like me, trying to find an easy 'on the go' solution to sort and track your everyday life photos, then check out the Day One app {sorry - it's Apple branded only atm}.

That's all for today... thanks for getting this far if you did... yep, I do ramble on!

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  1. My DH travels for work and I'm always delighted for him to be home again. Sounds like a fun App just right for you!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace