Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Project Life - August / September 2013

Okay here we go... I thought I'd share my Project Life pages.  Don't fall over, they are polar opposites to my usual style of creating.  But no matter how much I keep trying to add more to them, I'm really preferring them flat and simple!

So I'm calling the rest of this year 'practice' LOL... and you'll see changes as I change the way I work, things I try etc until I find what sings to me. 

I wont explain what's happening in each of them, because the purpose of this is for me to document it all, so it 'should' be explained!  Likely this needs practice too.  I will offer insight into my style journey though... never know, it might help someone somewhere!

If you click on the images it will give you a full screen large view. 

So this is where my 'weekly' pages start.  Before this {and still missing journaling} are just pages of particular days, events etc.

For most of these I have used my iPhone5 to photograph everything.  I also use PicTapGo to edit them on the iPhone, and have saved a 'recipe' of filter layers for quick re-use.

These ones used Loft and +Contrast I think, but I found they were throwing too much pink.  It worked fine for the first couple of weeks, but I found anything with pink ended up almost fluorescent!

Here I discovered a different Protector set up... I think I like the variety.
LOL, I'm still laughing at the size of mum's cat.  I could say it was a bad angle, but no, she's huge!

And then I discovered Project Life Digital... it's making those journal cards so much easier to get done!

Sill using PicTapGo I found a better combination of filters which is working for most images. Phew!  I think this was layering Lights On and Auto Contrast.  Saving as a recipe helps you not have to remember what filter layers you used!

I take photos of almost everything that is going on around me... work, near work, home, the pets {lots of the pets}, what we ate, tickets, receipts... everything.  They all come together to tell our story.

Each day I log them into One Day, it reminds me what I did where, what photos I wanted to focus on etc.  I download the pics each week from my phone to the computer and One Day helps remind me where I'm up to.

I have a mini album of my week in Mackay, but I still might slot an insert in to share it in this album too.  I'll see how I go.

I added bumpy stuff... LOL, so excited that the little wood veneer hearts were working for me here.  I've also used a MaMBI Pocket Page Card, as well as some free Digi Downloads from A Little Grace and Mercy.  A quick search on Pinterest gives you LOADS of free digi stuff you can download and use with your pages.

And this one has an insert piece, and I used a Tab Punch from We R Memory Keepers, so cute! 
So above is with the insert one way, and then below with the insert page turned.  This was fun, seeing how the page balanced when the insert page was turned.  

So that's it... that's my new {to me, since it seems most of the scrap world is doing it already LOL} project.  It's quick, easy and fun... and is allowing me to capture all those little moments in my quiet little life.  Which all added up together, show it's not so quiet after all.  It's reminding me to love all those little moments, because they are what we need to be truly grateful for!

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