Thursday, 3 October 2013

Live the Life - Australian Scrapbook Ideas #21

Goodness I've been remiss in sharing my latest magazine commission layouts {I was wondering why I had so many 'drafts' in my blog scheduling}!  Issue #22 is currently out and I've not even shared #21, bad bad Missy!

So... lets get some sharing happening!  Here's the one I'll be sharing today... this issue featured  Trinkets.  I love trinkets so it was a commission from heaven!

For this layout I've used heaps of trinkets that relate to Kel, to help tell a story about what he's all about...

Like  most boys he likes skulls and crossbones, but he also loves chess, music and is an avid recycler {we get in strife if we put things in the wrong bins}.

The key and chain is the chain he always wears that has his house key as well as other precious little 'trinkets' he's collected over the years.

He LOVES owls, so I always try and put an owl somewhere on any pages of his.  The headphones here are to show his love for gaming, he's always got a headset and mic on while playing.

And the shoe... well it's just a boy style trinket and I liked it, so it went on as well LOL!

 photo Signature250_zpsdd4c2565.png

Australian Scrapbook Ideas #21 has all step by step instructions for this one as well as a complete list of materials used - you can subscribe HERE

ASI can also be found on Facebook where you'll often find some extra little snippets!

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