Saturday, 26 August 2006


That's the theme for this months FK EDM comp... and the featured sponsor is Sassafrass Lass Nester Stamps, which was a little wrapped gift impression. Many things you can do with this theme... many ways to interpret things you celebrate.
So what do I do for my first LO on it... the obvious of course! Cake and Candles!! Hehehe... I'm such a loser! Well... my saving grace is I have 2 more LO's in which to redeem myself! But hey... I like it and that's all that matters!

Was a quiet day today... got the image for the next Angel Medley done... then started on this. Had 2 naps inbetween... the rest is doing me good. My throat felt better this morning but is painful again now... and I have a charming husky voice... so sexy - NOT!! But at least I have one now... it kept fading away yesterday! Missed Scrappi Dais because of this cold... I like to share, but I don't think anyone would want to be sharing this with me and to be honest I would have been as boring as hell and not done a thing!

So yeah... I'm a bit of a sad case... but's all's gonna be good soon enough.

My sister is coming over for lunch tomorrow and the house is a disaster... hopefully Darren will give me a hand in the morning. We have lots of 'picking up' to do... and securing away... I'm already in a panic over the scrap room because it has no doors and lots of goodies that little ones will have trouble resisting... fingers crossed for me!! But will be nice to see Nev, we are such slack sisters... I haven't seen her since beginning of June. My fault I must admit... always busy and when not I remember that her kids make me tense, too tense! I should have her here more often though as they're pretty good kids when 'visiting' - just at home they shock the hell out of me!!

Well... until next time... take care of you!


  1. That is a gorgeous LO Mistra. I have completed all 3 of my September EDM LOs now.

    Hope your feeling better soon.

  2. Hey Hon, It was lovely to see that you visited my blog, and it was wonderful meeting you at the fair..... Im so glad your blogging because now I can come and visit and see all your gorgeous work.

    Keep in touch.

    Steph xo

  3. Mistra, the layouts beautiful.Id better get a move on, still havent done two for August. Hope your scraproom survived! and your feeling better.