Saturday, 5 August 2006

A Veritable Scap Fest...

It's Cyber Crop weekend at LC's and we're having a ball! So many gorgeous layouts have been created already!! Even I have done 2 already... usually I'm the one rushing to finish on Sunday!!

1st Challenge was a Step by Step... made it a bit easier on the girls by giving them a list upfront... we also had survival packs you could purchase so you were sure to have the embies you needed! Everyone has done awesome work and really stepped outside their boundaries to rise to the challenge! This is the one I created in the Step by Step... begged mum for some girly photos as I was dying to use this Fancy Pants paper!! So I got some of my gorgeous little neice Lily... she's such a cutey!

2nd one was a simple colour challenge, I set a choice of 3 colours out of 5... proving easy for some and really hard for others... I'm one of the ones that had trouble!!

I have mojo flowing... have just found the BEST photo for another EDM layout, and this one has been unscrapped for years... believe it or not!! Now I just have to work out how I'm going to incorporate hearts and flowers onto a boyish rollercoaster layout!! I'll make it happen somehow!

Until later... take care of you... mwah!

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  1. These layouts are gorgeous Mistra, your Neice is so cute