Saturday, 12 August 2006

Just an update...

Not a lot happening... am up to date on all my scrap projects... and how good does that feel!! Bloody fantastic I tell ya!! I bought a sewing machine today... K-Mart for $199.00 couldn't pass that one up! So have had to rearrange my whole scrap room to fit it, not that I have yet... it's still in it's box unopened! But the scrap room is rearranged and all tidy for once!! So now I can see into the family room as well as out the window... is good. For now... LOL!! I am so exhausted though... shopping with the family takes it out of a girl I tell ya!! But we had a good time, spoilt ourselves... and are now home relaxing!! I bought myself a tablet for drawing... digitally... have to learn how to use it first.. well actually have to connect it first, feel a bit afraid there... but that will be the head spinning from cleaning my scrap room!! Later tonight when the excitement of having it dies down I'll be settled enough to start playing!! Now I can do my own doodles and handwriting on my photos... excitement!!

Less than a week to go until I go to Adelaide to meet Lynn... sooo looking forward to that! She has a whole heap of HS Albums waiting patiently for me as well, be nice to finally give all the layouts I have done this year a home!!

Thought I'd share a pic of my little boy... isn't he the cutest thing, I love his little pink nose! He's growing so quick and so he should be for the amount of food he eats!!


  1. oh look at that little man he is growing soo fast...we miss him lots, but know you guys love him soo much. .. a sewing machine and a tablet.. well I knew about the tabletbut not the machine... is that for clothes too mistra or just scrapping... haha..

  2. oh i too brought that sewing machine on friday..oh and i love it already..great bargain,,will be doing lots of stitching on layouts is that what you brought it for?

  3. LOL... gosh yeah... who'd use it for sewing on clothes!! Although hubby already has a pile for me to fix... like 'what the'... I'm not his mum!! Geeshe!!