Monday, 14 August 2006

Playing with new toys...

There really is nothing better than new gadgets is there!! Thanks to SM magazine and Rachel Richter fabo Photo Tech Segment on vintage effects I have learnt new things and been having a ball!! Obviously I'm still a long way from anywhere... but I only have PSE4 and can load all those cool 'actions' she shows... but I could get Andrea's Borders from and have been having lots of fun! Here are some I've just done... yes I know, amateur... but I've never said I'm anything more!!

This one uses one of the borders... the pull open polaroid style... LOVE this border!! For the pic I changed the contrast / light levels / hue / saturation... added noise and some vertical grain... the works. I love these saturated pics...

Here's Kel eating cake... loves birthday cake this kid!! I've mucked around with the contrast and light balance... added some brushes from 44Suburbia love thes brushes... I used one from Borders and Dirt and 2 from Wrong Turn... and I used my tablet to hand-write "Kel's Cake Hole".

OK... this one is the kids on the weekend having a pillow fight... I've added noise and a vertical grain and then stuck it on one of Andreas cool polariod film things.So that's all I've been up to tonight... SHOULD be doing the tax... but this is far more fun!!

Take care of you!!


  1. How cool is this? You have been busy. The photos looks great. I love the borders and I'm so envious about your new pen!!!!!

  2. they look great Mistra - well done on learning that stuff - you will have to give us some lessons. How long till Adelaide now??

  3. ROFL... Kim... you of all people needing lessons... you're my PS guru!! But sure... will show ya, it'll be easy peasy for you!! Adelaide is in 3 sleeps!!

  4. you have been a busy girl.. the pictures look great.. love the techniques you have used.

    as for the gym.. gotta give anything a go right.. hehe..

    oh 3 sleeps till Adelaide.. it be quiet with out you around the internet world.. hehe

    chat soon