Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Just a chat...

Have had a lovely night tonight... sat and watched a DVD with Darren while dinner cooked... took it easy... was nice to spend some time alone.

We've been having some great 'together' time this last week I'd say... my old hubby that used to be is starting to emerge again, and it's such a relief to see. I so hope he stays this time!

Sunday was great... Nev's kids were a delight! Even she was shocked by how good they were. And Lily... omg this girl can talk! She takes after her grandma for sure! I got lots of pics, most of her jumping on the trampoline though!
Darren's brother came over with Jess... so Kel had ALL his cousins here at once. Was fantastic... I grabbed them altogether and got a pic of them all as well!!

Cold is starting to go away... thank god. Throat is still sore though... that part could be a worry. I am seriously wondering if it's all the green tea I've been drinking though. I mean logically it makes no sense... green tea being so good for you and all... but the soreness started after 3 days of drinking it. Might have to stop for a few days just to see!

Haven't been in much of a 'chatty' mood as late... I guess all of us in the forum/blog/msn world go through stages where you just need a break... guess it's my turn! So much has been happening in my little world that I need to stop and take it all in I guess!

Anyway... that's all from me. I'm off to bed now to read for a while... and it's not a scrap mag either! I've almost finished "The Vampire Lestat" by Anne Rice. Loving it... but I am well and truley a fan of hers!!

Take care of you...


  1. Glad you are enjoying some down time Mistra...we all definitely need it sometimes, especially after a trip away and then being unwell.

    Sounds it has done wonders to your family life too. I hope things stay positive and you deserve to just enjoy the moment for a while and not owrry too much about anything else. Hope you have some energy back soo, I miss the chats.

  2. Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx30 August 2006 at 12:47

    Hope your sore throat comes good sooner rather than later. Winter sucks for bugs and germs doesn't it.

    Lovely layout in the previous blog post. I love how you had the photo in black and white and just made the candles coloured. That's an excellent idea and perfect for that sort of photo too.

    Have a great week and take care:)

  3. down time is good and we all need it.. hope you have more quality time with Dags and Kellan.. enjoy it whilst it lasts

  4. Glad your colds getting better finally Mistra, I have had green tea in the pantry for mths, will I risk it lol