Wednesday, 23 August 2006

SA Stamping and Scrapbooking Fair

...was great fun. Hard work... but entirely satisfying! Lynn showed me all the in's and out's to running a successful scrapbooking shop... so much happens behinds the scenes! My head was well and truely spinning with information by the time I left Adelaide!!

Lynn is wonderful... just as I had imagined her to be. Although we have gotten to know one another quite well via the site and our regular email conversations, so I wasn't really surprised! It was great to share a part of her everyday life with her and her family. Her daughter SK has stolen my heart... she is a delight and was so well behaved all weekend, even with mummy being stolen by myself!

At the fair I had a chat and shared lunch with Steph Caskey-Devlin... other than meeting Lynn that was a highlight of my weekend. She comes across as a lovely lady... passionate about scrapping as we all are. She's a normal scrap addicted person... with a lot of talent!!

There was one lady at the fair who kept coming back to look through my album... bringing her friends along with her. I didn't get her name but did give her our site details so she can find the gallery and see all the other inspiring LO's from the rest of the Angels and our talented members. I hope she pops in and has a look. She truely made my day though... even though we scrap for ourselves and our families we all love to have our work appreciated. To have them appreciated by a 'stranger' was such a wonderful feeling. I've always wanted to inspire others... and to think that I had is immensely satisfying.

Saturday night Lynn, myself and Lea from LC's went out for dinner at the tavern... was a great night out and we chattered away late into the evening. Lea's just been accepted into a DT on an American site... this young lady has talent that even she doesn't realise is there yet. She's only been scrapping for 6 months and her work is great... given another 6 months I think she's going to be totally blowing us all away with her work!

Anyway... I have come home bringing a bug with me. Mum says I've caught it on the plane... just hope I didn't leave it behind with my gracious hosts for the weekend!! It's just a cold, but it's in my ears and my chest... my throat is razor blades. I was so worn-out with it yesterday that I actually fell asleep at my desk... woke up realising I was dreaming. Hope the boss didn't see that! So today I am home... and am running back to bed right now!!

Take care of you...


  1. so glad that you had a great time Mistra - would have been an experience no doubt - look forward to hearing all aobut it at Scrappi dais

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip Mistra.

  3. glad you had a great time.. bad news about the lurgie.. yuck. see ya Saturday at Scrappi Dais

  4. What a perfect holiday...100% scrapping related, so jealous and great to hear you finally met Lynn. Hope you are feeling better soon though.