Saturday, 31 January 2009

52Q - 4

Still up to date... miracles never cease to amaze me! I am really enjoying these questions... and making these tags. Emily puts them up at the beginning of the week, and then I think of them all week long, collecting bits that appeal, thinking of an answer... and then on the weekend I create whatever is created. I'm having such fun playing and experimenting!

I have no idea where this thing for purple has come from these last 2 weeks... guess it's part of the journey!

So this weeks one was very scrappy and not very arty farty techniquey {don't ya just love my tech talk there}... but that's ok, that's the mood this week. Sleep has been evading me and my creativity is struggling, will be having a nanna nap today for sure... Scrappi Dais is tomorrow and I have to have some 'scrap wit' about me!!

I went to be at 11 last night... excited that it was for once before 1am... only to then wake up at 1am. So played on Facebook... joined my cats up onto Catbook {thanks Dizz for yet ANOTHER addiction}, tidied up some photos then crawled back into bed about 3am to stare at the ceiling until 4am... little bit over it as I LOVE my sleep!! Blaghhhh! LOL!

Oh guess what I can see out the front door... 2 oh so cute little kitteh's playing on our grass {trust me, it aint lawn}. They are 2 of a litter from a cat up the road and they are black and white and oh so cute... and one looks remarkably like our Shadow... hmmmm! LOL!!! Wish I could get a pic to share... but they run as soon as I get near the door...

Okies... I have some greeting cards I've almost finished as well to share with you, will finish them later and pop them up.

Until later... take care of you!

Mis xo


  1. Mistra,

    I LOVE this tag idea, but what are you going to do with 52 tags when they're all done? I'm interested in maybe following along, but what happens to the end result? (If that is a stupid question, forgive me... still learning.. and I'm blonde!).


  2. Hey there! Well when we're done I'll have a mini album made of tags... albiet a very fat mini album!! I'll just put them on a big ring or bead chain to hold them together.