Saturday, 6 March 2010

3 Angels Scrapping Cyber Crop

I'm having some fun with the 3AS CC Challenges - we've got HEAPS of challenges happening, games too! I am so proud of me, I've actually completed 4 of the challenges, just 1 more to do and I'm up to date until tomorrow's ones are set! I think I must have picked up some mojo at Inspired Crafts last night, phew!! Oh, which brings me to sharing that I went to a crop night with Tina at Inspired Crafts and it was lovely... the owners are gorgeous happy people, so chatty and friendly and helpful. I am amazed though at the different dynamics of different crop groups... the girls at IC are Cricut mad, there were 3 Cricuts there being shown much lovin! But Tina and I had a lovely night and I can't wait for next month's one!

Anyways... here's the LO's I have done so far:

Susan's Sketch Challenge

Design Credit: Susan Longman

Mel's 12345 Challenge

Nat's Colour Challenge

My "Green Day" Title Challenge {thanks to Sarah for the idea}

Design Credit: Pagemaps

We've had a rough couple of days in our household... will tell you all about it later, we 're waiting for some good news early in the week and then I will tell the whole story, tragic start to happy ending.{like the positive vibe I'm trying there}. Don't worry, in the scheme of things it's not the end of the world or our health or anything but my hands are too tired to type it all right now... LOL honest... they are struggling to type correctly atm, hmmm although that could be the Mersyndol effect, maybe...

In the meantime, come play with me at 3 Angels Scrapping... scrap play is the best kind of play don't you think!

Take care of you.

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