Thursday, 25 March 2010


Last night I made some new dodgy flowers, I love these. Very vintagey, like old fashioned roses.

I found them while drooling over one of my favourite blogs Such A Pretty Mess, the tutorial for them is here. Gabrielle's are much more 'pretty' than mine, I have such a heavy grungey hand... but I am loving them and getting the hang of making them look faux real! Can't wait to make more and use them on something!

Take care of you.


  1. LOve the vintageness of these!!! These are the devinest of the shouldnt have...I'll email you my address!!! LOL

  2. LOL... I'll swap you mine if you swap me yours!!

  3. Mistra you are the QUEEN of Dodgy flowers! Love these and will certainly be adding them to my next LO! for sure. x

  4. They came out beautiful hon!!....I'm loving your 'grunged up' look to them!! Fun and easy to make aren't they!! I just made them for another l/o in a different colour but can't show them till the reveal at MCS on the 5th! Awesome job hon!

    ~Gabi xxx

  5. Dodgy vintage LOL. No really, they are just the most divine flowers you clever chicky you!!!