Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Time for change...

... just a wee one to start with.

You may have noticed I've been playing! I'm changing the look of my blog, playing around, learning how to change backgrounds and hopefully make my own. I've made a new header, changed the name... maybe 'scrappy' was too close to 'crappy' in the scheme of the universe, so I'm going for scrap'ilicious and scrap'tastic' now... fun and positive words have to help somewhere! Hope you like the Pink... and the yummy rose, that I must credit where-ever it was I found it, one of the printable download places somewhere on here, another thing on my to do list!

I've got page tabs up the top there now {oooh la la}, only took a day to work out how to use them, doh! But that's where most of the links that were filling up my side bar have gone now, in their own homes!

Take care of you.

Edited to add: I did it, I created my very first background. OK, so it might be a little full on, but for now I'm LOVING it!


  1. W.O.W!
    Mistra, LOVE your new look blog... clever chick you!
    Very noice!
    (glad things turned out well with DH and his new job!)

  2. Thanks Sandra, I felt a bit clever for once! Thanks about Darren, he had his 1st day at his new job today and liked it... I think he will finally be happy!

  3. wow Mistra you are so so so tech savvy! love the new look! well done x

  4. Thanks Ange, it was really easy though... might have to make some more when I'm 'bored' and have no scrap mojo!

  5. I'm sorry I haven't left you any love her for a while. Bad girl I know :( but hey, I am loving the new look. You are one clever chicky doing all this. I wouldn't have a CLUE where to even begin thinking about it LOL.
    And I'm so loving all your LO's. You rock girlfriend.
    And lastly, so so so happy for Darren and the job situation, what a blessing after the worry. Hugs and smiles :)