Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My baby girl...

My baby girl... ok well Kel's baby girl, but she's mine too! Isn't she gorgeous!?! She's just over 4 months old now, barks at all the right sounds {and sometimes the wrongs ones}, loves her toys, us, chew sticks and her dinner and brings me joy each and every day!

I'm not seeing a whole lot of Labrador in her anymore, her shape is more Collie now, being finer... but her coat is shiny and lovely, and changing colour here and there, the blonde is seeping through LOL!

Don't ya just love Dreadlock Ted, somehow this chew toy manages to hold it together, aside from the bad hair days it's having!

Take care of you.


  1. She's gorgeous Mistra, Gemma despearately wants a dog but we have said no for reasons she does not understand. But if we did say yes I think I would want one just like her. Sharon xo

  2. beautiful puppy Mistra... I wont show my hubby, coz he wants to get a dog, and I know Ill prob have to look after it more because he works and I am lazy! lol

  3. A puppy is certainly a lot of hard work, sometimes I think a human baby would be about the same amount of work! But puppies grow quicker... LOL! She's worth it though, just the greeting you get when you walk in the door... always a nice thing to be welcomed with pure over excitedness!!

  4. Awwhhh look how much Coco has changed !!! WOW she is super cute Miss!
    They are def worth it in the end... My boys would be lost without their dog.BUT there is three of them to look after him !
    J xxx

  5. awww she is just the mischievious glint in her eye..;)