Sunday, 7 March 2010

More 3AS CC Layouts

and I kept creating... so happy I found some mojo I was happy with. Now I just have to lend it to Josie tomorrow, but only for a day! LOL

Susanne's No People Challenge - Spring Time Babies

Jo's Packaging Challenge - Laugh

Design Credit: Inspired Blueprints

My Card Challenge
{LOL, yeah, the cardly challenged set a card challenge}

I had fun creating, the challenges were just great! There's one more to do, Susan's Embellishment Challenge, but as I said - I had to pack my mojo up to send off to Josie.

I spent the arvo driving out to the Spud Shed, got a lot of groceries for only $100 - hopefully enough to last us the week, hard living atm but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Then watched UP on Box Office, talk about sob... and then watched Benjamin Buttons... more sobbing. I was sobbing so much I couldn't breathe out of my nose for about an hour!

So... that's the weekend gone again, darn things fly by so quickly.

Take care of you.

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