Saturday, 15 December 2012

Art Journal - Donna Salazar Designs

Hi everyone!   Just a little one to share with you today, it's simple but I felt it didn't need much more on it.  I wanted to created something a little grungy {because I simply had to use the NEW Mix'd Media Inx colour, Adobe} so thought a little Art Journal would be cool.  Just a 5x7 one with a few pages inside that I can use to experiment and play!

I have used Zutter Corrugated Board Covers, and for the front cover, torn away the covering layer to reveal the corrugation.  I've used Manilla and Watercolour Paper from the Mix'd Media Stax for the inner pages and then bound them with my Bind It All.  The ring size was a little larger than required so it would allow for 'bits' the be added to the inside pages later.

On the solid bits that were left I have used modelling paste and Mix'd Media Inx ReInkers to create my grungy background.  I've done the same on the Want 2 Scrap Sprightly Sprockets Chipboard.
{I have a little step by step at the end of this post to show you how I did it}

I created a flower using some cardstock and Donna's Rose Creation Die.  The cardstock wasn't quite the right colour so I added a couple of drops of Patina Mix'd Media Inx ReInker into a spray bottle and sprayed more colour onto it.  Once dry I dabbed it with some white paint to add detail.

Last, I added a simple title using some Dusty Attic chipboard words.  I painted these in a simple white so they'd stand out.

And that's it... until I play on the inside!  I'll share some of those as I create them.

Here's how I've created the background.  You will need:

5x7 Zutter Corrugated Board Covers
Modelling Paste {or Texture Paste}
Clearsnap Mix'd Media Inx ReInkers - Patina and Adobe
Clearsnap Smooch Spritz - GingerAle
Palette Knife, Water Mister, Heat Gun

Tear away some of the covering layer on one side of a Zutter Cover.
Using a palette knife smooth a fine coat of modelling paste over solid areas that may remain, leaving the corrugations showing through.
Add a couple of drops of Mix'd Media Inx Adobe ReInker.


Spread the ink over the modelling paste, allowing it to blend in the thicker areas and across some of the corrugated areas.


Do the same with some Patina Mix'd Media Inx Reinker... adding a little more modelling paste if needed to blend colours together. 


Spritz with some water and use the palette knife to blend the colours a little more... 


Using a baby wipe, dab off some colour randomly to allow some of the white modelling paste to show through and then spritz with Clearsnap GingerAle Smooch Spritz. 


Dry off with a heat gun, if the coat of modelling paste is thin it should dry quickly.  If you allowed a thicker coverage, pop aside for a few hours to dry through.  

I've used similar technique on the Sprockets Chipboard, mixing in some modelling paste with the Inx layers to add some texture and grunginess.  I punched the Chipboard separately to the Cover, it's a bit chunky once glued together to feed into the punch.


 I hope this inspires you to get a little messy!  Until next time, take care and be true to you!

Mis xo

Products used:

Want 2 Scrap Nestaboard Sprightly Sprockets

Mix'd Media Inx Reinkers - Adobe, Patina
Clearsnap Smooch Spritz - GingerAle
White Acrylic Paint

Spellbinders Rose Creations

Mont Marte Modelling Paste

Zutter Bind It All
Spellbinders Grand Calibur

Zutter Corrugated Board Covers - 5x7
Zutter OWire - White 3/4 inch