Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Creating, Chatting, Learning...

Wow... I've just been reading back through my blog, wayyyyy back in 2006.  I can't believe I've been blogging so long!  And while there are so many changes, so many things are just the same!  It has made me realise though that this is such a great 'diary' tool, looking back at my journey through scrapping and life.  And for someone with a brain that doesn't remember all the little things that happened around me, it's really helpful.  

So... today has me wondering about how I went with Kaisercraft; like I'm sure the rest of us finalists are {I'm not sure when they'll make their decision - it would be such a hard job}.  I haven't created a lot lately, with so much happening at home, getting sick, stressing over money, trying to get and keep the house clean, working double roles at work, oh and being a single mum {yes it might be to a 17yo, but it's still harder work than it was before}... all those usual crazy things that my life brings.  I found that I was pushing my creativity aside, I even considered putting it away for good.  And then the Kaisercraft DT Call came up, and I felt that creative itch surfacing again... so even if I don't make it through to the Contributing Team, I am so very thankful for regaining that 'need' to create.  I love creating, I need to create and should never make creating a 'disposable' part of my life. 

On the weekend I even created some more work for Donna Salazar. I've been having a little holiday {thanks again Donna for your understanding and support}, but now I have some projects to photograph as soon as I get some good light {and put some photos on the layouts LOL}.  Here's a little snippet of an iddy canvas which is still a work in progress...

I've been doing some ATC classes as well these last couple of month with Kelsey O'Mullane... I'm learning so much and having such fun!   And now in a couple of weeks time I'm doing a weekend workshop with Jen Crossley, yikes!  This will be well and truly wayyyyy out of my comfort zone, but I'm really looking forward to doing it!  I'll be learning to make some pendants and brooches as well as afabulous CookBook.  We'll be playing with Ice Resin and doing Metal Etching and all sorts.  My sister wants the CookBook, for her aromatherapy blends of all things... but it's very her and I know she'll love it and use it

How cool does that CookBook look, I hope I can make mine look almost as good!

Life on the homefront is settling into a chaotic routine, but there's routine there LOL.  Work is great {I know, don't fall off your chair}.  I have someone to help me in estimating now, finally a real estimator after years without one.  We have a new planning system in place which I am loving using, learning new things, putting more feathers in my cap.  Yep, work is good!  I have put some of my art pieces and layouts up in my office, it's amazing how motivating that is, should have done that ages ago. 

My sister is coming over on the weekend to watch the final episodes of Game of Thrones, then we impatiently wait for the next season.  Luckily we'll have TrueBlood and then hopefully Walking Dead to keep us occupied in between!

Well I think that's enough rabbling on for me!   Until next time... take care of you.

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