Wednesday, 22 February 2006

2 more sleeps...

OK... I am heaps excited about the retreat now!! After all this waiting it is finally 2 sleeps away {well 1 if we account for the fact that I doubt I will sleep tomorrow night from excitement}!!!
I am so NOT organised! Lisa has god knows how many LO's organised, Karen has a pile... I have a whole 1 - pretty good hey!!! So tonight I opened my scrap luggage and have thrown "don't forgets" in there for packing tomorrow night! I have to pack my alphas for Lisa to ferret through, she has chocolate... have to be sucking up!!
The album I want to take for show and tell won't close, and took up most of the luggage, so it's coming on the bus in my hand luggage now, thank god all I was going to take in hand luggage was a purse!
And on top of that I have to remember to pack clothes... geez!!
So I have to be thinking of getting some LO's organised for if I get time between classes... more of the slide pics I'm sure!!


  1. you crack me up.. you are a dag aint ya.. I have to pack my tote and my clothes.. that can be tomorrow. I so hope that I don't forget anything but hey, I might have alcohol..lmfao

    looking forward to it all too...

  2. I'm with you Mistra, I have nothing done.. but maybe I will finally get them done today. AT least i had an excuse, LOL

    One more sleep to go....