Saturday, 18 February 2006


Yep... yesterday I packed up and moved... my scrap room!! Again!!! I was originally in the formal dining area and decided to shift into the activity room so I could be closer to DH in his computer cave {can't fit both of us in the one room!!}, but the room was proving to be too much of a traffic area and moths liked me... not to mention the dust!
So last night I decided to bite the bullet and move back again. I left the glass dining table I used as a scrap desk out there and will use the activity room as the dining room now. And now have our antique oak dining table as my scrap desk {no cutting straight onto this I'll tell you!!}. The height for this I just realise is sooo much better than the glass one... So now I have a cosy little area again... where I can see into the family room and watch TV {hehehe} and can look out the window at my weiros in the avairy... smaller space, but I'm happier!


  1. Oh smaller and condensed and all in arms reach... I like it Mistra... and you are with Kellan once again. Very nice idea. I like the lighting too all so natural. Love what you have done and cant wait to see it irl.

    Have a good one darl. mwah

  2. Looks great! Umm... I am just thinking about moving that monsterous bookcase... your a muscly woman girl!
    New area looks great!

  3. Like Lisa says - all in arms reach - very nice Mistra!!!

  4. LOL..wish I could see the tv from in here, i would scrap so much more at night, it is so hard to scrap in bed :)

  5. mmm love your book case
    very cosy

  6. Your room looks so cosy!! I love it. Andrew & I have moved our desks into our dinning room, so at least when we are working, we are in the some room!