Thursday, 23 February 2006


I'm sick, so not fair! I have the retreat tomorrow and have woken up with a cold. I wish I could kid myself and say it was hayfever, but it's a cold and I'm sulking. I'm going to stay at home today, drugged up on Garlic, C and Horseradish {the heavy stuff hey!!} and see if I can move it along nice and quick... not fair *sad sooky face*. I feel bad that I'll be calling in sick the day before I go away, but I'll be useless there anyway, need a clear head to quote and that I don't have... all sympathy is welcome, donations of chicken noodle soup and chocolate will be greatly appreciated. I'm such a sook!!

1 comment:

  1. Mistra - you should have rung, I am having the day off and could of come over and made you soup (can alright?)
    You will be good to go tomorrow