Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Brighter day...

Things are looking much better this morning. Helps that DH is awake and dressed with me this morning, first time in 5/6 weeks! Kellan is dressed and ready for school, DH is taking him so one less thing for me to have to worry about.
Yesterday was a low point for me... I have realised I simply cannot do everything!! I'm not a big one for telling the world my problems, but it does help getting it out of off your chest. I guess if I pretended my life was perfect I'd only be kidding myself hey because we all know life has it's ups and downs!!

DH has been suffering depression due to stress and his pay runs out next week - I've been freaking over that. He has spoken to his work and they have offered a lot of options... they really are being fantastic and that alone is helping.
My own work has become hard work, for all of us - but doing dual roles at the moment and having one of the most helpful gorgeous girls ever employed there, leave, has put a lot of pressure back on me - as well as Gabi who is doing so well with the added workload.
I'm stressing about how Kel will cope this year, he didn't do very well last year and coping with his ADHD has exhausted me... not a lot I can do about that though, except get him and I both back into routine.

There's a lot to be said for routine and perhaps that's been most of the problem for me - we've had none for months!! And I have to ASK for assistance with things that I am able to ask for - that's a lesson I have trouble with, I'm not used to being able to hand over control to another person!

But after a good sob, a few good chats with friends then hubby... there is a big light at the end of the tunnel.


  1. Hey Missy Moo,
    I am glad that you have been able to get alot of things of your chest as it has been a hard couple of weeks for you and we have all been waiting for the crack.. and it has happened.

    The good thing is that you know that you are only human and arent expected to be able to do everything, things can wait, people can wait, don't let you get burnt out.

    You are doing a wonderful job dealing with everything that you are, I am amazed that you are still going.

    You know where we are if you wanna chat again, I hope you have a better day today.

    Take care

    Luv Lisa

  2. Doesn't it feel good to get a load off your chest!!! You are only Human Mistra love, and you are most defiantley taking on a lot from what I can see looking on the outside in, and I believe you have been a very strong woman.
    But you know what...even women crack... were only human! I know we are supposed to be 'super women' but we cant all be all the time!
    So glad your feeling somewhat better today, and tomorrow off will be a nice time maybe for you and Darren time while Kel is at school.

    Great to see Darrens work have been sooo supportive of him and what he is going through.

    Like Lisa said...were all here if you need us in ome way or another!!!

  3. Sounds like life has dealt you the wrong card at the moment Mistra, but I know you are tough and with your online friends support, it will get better.

    If you need to talk, Im here for you too.

  4. don't forget to ask your friends for assistance Mistra - delegate and ask - we will be well pissed off if you don't and then burn out on us!!!

    We are here....

  5. Thanks everyone... support is a great thing, support from beautiful friends is nothing short than amazing.