Saturday, 11 February 2006

Productive Saturday...

I have had the best day... first went fabric shopping for Lynn and had the best time! So many gorgeous fabrics available now - I also have expensive taste. I found this stunning embroidered silk {yes silk} that was only $54 per metre... hmmm, even I couldn't spend that much on scrapping!! I got an odd look from people as I'm matching materials to paper... obviously I've crossed the boundaries from the scrapping aisle to the world of material... shame on me!! LOL!!

I've finished my recipe swap LO's for a crockpot dessert swap I'm in... and have done the Birthday Cards for the b'day card swap on LC's.
Have been bopping away to Guns n' Roses... strange looks from hubby at that! Not only was he surprised that I like them, but I knew the words! His comment "I thought you were a nightlclub bebob BlackBox nut during this era"! LOL... ummm well yeah, but I also have a sister who wasn't - my poor parents having to live in a house that had BlackBox at one end and the Gunners at the other!! They were very patient people!!

Went for a walk to get photos for the Snapshots of Australia... I have chosen to do my own little part of Australia, right outside my backyard is hectares of bush... love our Aussie bush!!

That's the kids and the dog walking down the track. Thank heavens for this track out there as there is no way I would be out in the bush in the height of summer with dugites on the loose!!

So that's my today... tomorrow we have my nephews birthday to go to, will be good - hope the weather is cooler though!!

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  1. Sounds like a productive day Mistra. Love the photo, cant wait to see it scrapped Mistra style.

    Hope the birthday party is a