Monday, 27 February 2006

What a BLAST!!!

I made it home in one peice... just!! I even have a bruise so it must've been a great weekend!! The retreat was fan-bloddy-tastic!! Hanging with Chelle, Lisa, Karen and Kim all weekend was the best way to spend a weekend... thanks girls for being such great friends!! We had way too much punch to drink, strangely enough it kept getting stronger and stronger as saturday night progressed!! I didn't scrap a lot... too many classes, had to eat and sleep and chat as well... but did finish these two!!

This one I've discovered is crooked and I did this sober:

This one I did under the afluence of incahol and isn't crooked - go figure!!

I'll scan and photograph the class ones later. Maria is so the lady, petite, beautiful of face and personality - a truley gorgeous person. Brooke, Nick, Lou, Erica and Ali really are just as I imagined they would be. Lots of fun and way talented!!


  1. it was a blast wasnt it Mistra... I lvoe the layouts and I think we scrap pretty well for drunk people.. although I had to get Karen to cut the little parts...lmfao

    had a great time there missy moo...

  2. I so love that second one Mistra. It was a great weekend and really looking forwrad to doing it again.....

  3. I love the layouts Mistra... and I can't stop looking at your totally gorgeous tag! It was so lovely to meet you :) Bring on next year!