Thursday, 9 February 2006

Time out...

Sorry nothing exciting in my life to report... just some quiet time out for me. I'm exhausted from heaven only knows what... but for a change am listening to my body and taking it easy.
I'm really really really looking forward to my weekend away at the retreat... but am starting to worry over leaving Kellan at home. Yeah I know he's with dad... but will dad feed him, put him to bed, remember his medication, put a bandaid on him if he skins his knee, what if something happens to Darren and Kellan doesn't remember how to phone for help... the list goes on... and yeah I know... just don't worry Mistra, they will be fine, time for me to have some ME time... sigh... I KNOW all will be fine... I KNOW this so why do I worry!! Guess it's just part of being a mum, I should be more concerned if I didn't have these feelings!! Oh us women are funny creatures... {well this woman is anyway} :-)
OK... happy happy joy joy... forget this wussiness!! Lisa is bringing chocolate on the retreat... are you saving some for me? I'd better put an order in hey!!
We have our photo day on Saturday for the Snapshots of Australia Journals on LC's... I have NO idea what I am going to photograph, perhaps I'll just go 'borrow' Kim's... LOL... joking!! I have a few locations in mind... will decide on the day!! These journals are going to be awesome though, I can't wait to see them all when they are done!!
Anyway... that's all for now. Take care of you!


  1. Kellan will be fine Mistra - just tell him to remind DH occassionally that he is there (or maybe set up some activities for them to do that will give them routine for the weekend - like a timetable)
    I was thinking about that photo shoot - you do realise that we are at the END of the day and at the END of Australia so to speak, so a few sunset shots from different beaches would be most appropriate!!!!

  2. Hmmm... good thinking 99!! Or a shot from the hills of the sunset... oooohhh!! Lets hope for a great sunset that day!!

  3. Hi Mistra, I just thought I would pop in to say hi. Pleased I did the layouts you have done are fab and the photos are really funny.

    I think you need sometime away so you can relax and have some me time. Your husband and your son will be fine. Enjoy your retreat, I wish it was me.

    Have a great day Mistra.