Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Hubby home tonight!!

OK... so I admit it! I'm looking forward to collecting him from the airport! Not looking forward to my lovely tidy house being messed up, but maybe it's time to enforce some new rules. Will probably be something like Mistra does the lot... LOL!!
Not feeling too crash hot today though, and Kel is complaining of tummy hurts - so we'll be staying home. Although to be honest with 39 the forecast temp today would rather be at work in the aircon... but don't want to pass any bugs around at work, especially with one of the girls being pregnant.
So Kel and I will crash on the couch and be couch potatoes together today...
Darren phoned this morning to tell me he'd gone to his old high school, the principal gave them a tour and swapped email addresses so he can forward some old pics to Darren - how nice!! So he's wandering around Sydney for the rest of today waiting for the time they can hop on the plane - he and his ma should have a good day, some retail therapy to make up for the emotional day they had yesterday.

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  1. No good you and kel aren't feeling too crash hot!... but its gonna be a scorcher... turn on the air con and relax for the day!
    I mean... you need some relaxatin before a full on weekend hey!...lol