Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Life throwing punches...

It's been a rough couple of weeks... DH's pay ran out, he wasn't getting workers comp, so we are going through the routine there now... but that will take time. Luckily I got paid {monthly} so have paid bills and we have enough for a few weeks. Worry time, but not panic time. Everyone goes through the same at least once in their lives... DH's health is the important thing.
We got a shocker of a phone call yesterday... DH's aunt died, she's not old but was sick. We're not sure if she took to much medication by accident or on purpose... I guess we will never know. She was a lovely Christian woman so believe it was accidental, her upbringing and belief wouldn't allow herself to take her own life. So DH is off to Sydney on the weekend to attend the funeral - they were close, but his mother needs him. A bit of stress for him to have to deal with so I hope it doesn't set him back, he hasn't greived yet... he will, but 'when' is the question. So it's going to be me and my boy this weekend, that's a first - it will certainly be quiet!!

Anyway... besides all that - I'm still in good spirits. We will get through this time that has been dealt to us... it's time for our lesson in appreciating what we have! We'll learn again to not waste our money, be grateful that we have one another... and remember to love each day for what it is!


  1. LOL... that I do - up the road, round the corner with a nice bottle of red waiting for sure!!

  2. Mistra, what a bummer to the start of a new week! Glad to hear you are remainning Happy......

  3. Yes, we all have rough times.

    I am sorry to hear about Darrens Aunty. I hope it doesn't cause to much more stress on him.

    Like Kim said, you know where we all are... yell if you need anything!

  4. Oh Mistra I am sorry for your loss and condolences to Darren. Maybet he time away although a grieving one will also do him some world of good.

    I know what you are going through.. times are tough but we need to hold our heads high and know we weill get through each day no matter what.

    Bring on next weekend.. we are going to drink our worries away.

  5. Mistra, I am very sorry to hear about Darrens aunt.

    I am thinking of you all.