Saturday, 15 April 2006

and we ended in a very good evening...

We have had the best happy day... well Darren has, I try to be happy as often as I can!
We had lunch at his mum's house and he and I both got birthday presents - vouchers so we could buy what we want {me most likely some hair dye soon, those greys are sneaking back again - I know, sad sad sad}. Darren's brother spoilt him and gave him enough money to buy a new pc game he's been hankering for. I know times are tough and we should be spending it on survival, but it's his birthday and I think mental survival is a little more crucial at the moment... we won't starve and bills are paid, so I told him to go for it and spoil himself, it's money we wouldn't have had otherwise. So he's happily playing his new game and will likely be MIA for days!! So... he's 39 now - wow he's old! When did we grow up... I'm sure we were only in our 20's last year!?! Well at least we have an excuse for a big party next year!!

Still 2 more days off... woohoo!

Here's Kel being the Easter Bunny... oh speaking of Easter...
Got home to discover the dog had helped herself to the stash of easter eggs I've hidden away... was furious as we only had a few and she ate the Turkish Delight ones {Kel's and mine faves}. Poor kid doesn't get much these days and the dogs steals his eggs! Kel however was more worried about Sassy as it's been drummed into him that dogs shouldn't eat chocolate... he's a good boy! They were inside a bag, that was inside another bag... and packaged in sealed plastic and wrapped in foil and she still found them.. but left the big single foil only wrapped ones... phew for that though! So she's eaten this bag of Turkish Delight eggs... foil and all!! She'll be feeling sorry next toilet time that's for sure. She'll be fine, Dalmations have a tough stomach... but will still have to keep an eye on her... devil dog! She still looks mighty happy with herself though... cheeky mutt!

MIL gave us all Easter Eggs today... unusual for her as she doesn't usually do that, so all us kids were like... well kids!! And she had a B'day cake for Darren, obviously...but for me as well!! I was so surprised and touched - I'm so glad I get on with my in-laws!! So we all ate Darren's cake and I have the other one here in the fridge... diet... what diet!! ROFL!!!

Next weekend we're off with my family for dinner - their shout, out somewhere that 'really hip and cool'... this could be interesing!! But will be fun for sure! I always have fun in the company of family... direct or extended!!

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