Sunday, 2 April 2006


Yesterday was by far a very unproductive day! Scrapped 1 {yes a whole ONE} 8x8 LO and that's it! Sorry Karen - still haven't got your CJ finished... will try today!!

The NOT SO LOVELY ANYMORE Lisa played an April Fool's Day prank on us Scrappi Dais girls... she's the devil this girl! And the ever sweet Karen ain't so sweet anymore, being in on it as well! I really am the fool though - fell for it hook, line and sinker and really really really shoulda known better considering the day... but as Chelle said - she'll keep! Read all about it on the Scrappi Dais Blog. And yes ladies - you are both forgiven - I still love you both... but one day... one day an opportunity will arise and the rest of us Scrappi Dai girls will be sure to take it!!

Went to MIL's house for coffee, then came home and The Stepford Wives remake was just starting on Foxtel - so I watched that instead. Was funny, I enjoyed it...

Today so far... washing, dishes... oh the thrills of not being rich enough to have a maid!! How'd that lotto ticket go Lisa..? that would be a good way to play make up for the prank!!


  1. Yes, its alllll Lisa's fault..she corrupted me...honest!
    Tis ok about the cj... in no hurry! When your readyand have time!

  2. oh its all my fault..(insert evil laugh)....the lotto we got 3 numbers and no sup.. stupid lotto balls.

    It was a funny prank.. you loved it.. you really did...

  3. oh yeah Lisa... I really did... keep forgetting the humourous side of it!! Remember to remind me again!

  4. Hey, your lo's for LC's were rock girl!

    And I hope you don't mind but I'm not doing that tag, I've already done it??