Saturday, 8 April 2006

An Anniversary...

It's mine and DH's 11th wedding Anniversary today! Nothing special happening other than water heater shopping {woohoo - not}, but it's our day. We are going to a favourite spot this afternoon for a sausage sizzle... have a walk by the dam... feed the kookaburras... let Kel play with his cousin if they can make it as well. Not what I originally had planned {weekend at Burswood being wickedly decadent}... but will still be lovely as we can spend a few hours away from the hussle-bussle of our life and just be a family.

As our funds are non-existant we have no cards or gifts... but gifts have never been an important part of our special occasions! We did, however, treat each other to small tubs of Connoisuer Ice-Cream!!! Of which, I just ate mine - Cookie Cream Commotion - {with Kellan helping} and I'm sure Darren will leave his {Chocolate Obsession} in the freezer to tease me for weeks to come!!

I was determined to sleep in today and snuggle with hubby... but that didn't happen! I can't sleep past 8am now and it annoys me! When Kel was old enough to fend for himself in the mornings, I used to sleep in until 11am on a Saturday - Darren would be up - but I would snore away... not now!! Guess I caught up on the lack of sleep I had when Kel was a bub!! Taking care of a baby and working full-time doesn't leave much unbroken sleep for a mum!! But this last year... usually wide awake {well half awake} by 8am... 9 at the latest!!

I have Angel LO's to do with some FAB papers... not my usual thing, but I love them {mind you - what's usual for me these days!!} I have sketches ready, matched this with that - just have to get photos. But might scrap them anyway and then put the photos in afterwards - wouldn't be the first time! Sometimes I just want to scrap, but never have the right pic. So I scrap and add the pic later!! Is that called obsession or just plain old desperate!?!

Well that's me for today... take care all!!

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    you dont need money to have a wonderful day Mistra.. you have each other which is a start. Make a card you are a scrapper and ask Darren to make you one aswell. It is all about being with one another that counts the most.

    I hope you have a wonderful afternoon at the park.