Saturday, 1 April 2006

Weekend is here...

Who doesn't love the weekends... especially one that's cool and cloudy, inviting you to stay all snug in your jammies with a nice hot coffee, doing whatever you want! Well I guess a few of you won't like that - but this girl loves it! I love winter and we're having our first touch of it today!!
I've been off sick for 2 days... literally had trouble actually getting out of bed. All my muscles and joints were agony, head was thumping, nose blocked, fevers up and down. But today after much rest and medication I feel finally on the mend... everything still hurts but the rest has done me good!

So what does the weekend hold... not a lot. As I said its cold and overcast - perfect veggin' weather! We did plan to have a sausage sizzle sometime... but perhaps that will be tomorrow. I think Kel wants to go to Minnawarra Park to feed the ducks. I also have to go buy ribbons for the swaps I am hosting - slack me is the last one to get them sorted... but no pennies to buy said ribbons. Darren gave me some money, enough to get them so I'll go up the shops later!! Love buying ribbons!!

Hopefully I can get some scrapping in... as well as some more sleeps, need to be well for Monday, I'm sure there will be heaps of work for me to do when I get back!

I did finish a layout that I started with the girls last weekend. Didn't know what to do as a title and settled for boring - but hand sewed it to make it pretty! Here 'tis:

The flowers are made from ribbons - Ali Stafford showed us how to make them at the retreat and I've been dying to use them! I used some of that vignetted wire edged ribbon here for the big flowers and love the effect!

This one I did last night - Lisa & I both don't like the staples. Works for others - but not me, so I'll be changing that later - when I get the energy!! But one has to try these things on for size to see if they suit before making a decision!

So that's it! My new Angel LO's are in the Angel Gallery now... using Daisy D's Heirloom papers and my fave LO's at the moment! Go have a see... also the new Angel Medley is out for sale - again great value for money... and features those gorgeous Daisy D's Papers!!

Hopefully I will have some new Layouts to share next time! If we're lucky they won't be of me!!


  1. oh Missy Moo I hope you feeling better soon. The last thing you need is to be sick again.. not good woman.. plenty of bed rest, viatmins and hot tea..

    Love the layouts, but yeah staples have to go.. lmfao.. we are bad hey.

    Hope you have a good day.

    Love ya mate

  2. Heya Mistra!...
    Your poor girl getting sick! Hope you get betta real soon, nothing worse than a cold!
    Your Lo's are gorgeous. I love the flowers on the first one, and the hand sewing!... very creative!
    I actually love the staples... but like you say each to their own hey!
    Ya gotta also love the good old colour blocking... works a treat every time!
    Rest up and get better! Happy ribbon shopping!

  3. Hope you feel better real soon!!! I have the flu too so i know exactly how you feel!!
    Your LOs are gorgeous and i think the staples look fine!!
    I TOTALLY LOVE your Angels LOs this month - They are so fantastic!! (Yours were my faves!!!)

  4. Mistra I love that little girl layout, what a gorgeous photo!