Sunday, 16 April 2006

Easter Sunday... and a Layout!

Kel was rapt with his Easter Eggs, was so pleased there were so many even after Sassy helping herself to them! We didn't get to do the Hunt... as these were the ones she ate yesterday!!
Got some shots of Kel starting on one of the bunnies... and scrapped it today!! Busy day today... I swept, did dishes, did washing, did more dishes... and cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner... and scrapped a double! Been a while since I did a 12x24 double!! Here 'tis:

I thought this was a fun title... especially with these pics! It does have hidden journalling explaining the true meaning of easter.. and the Australian traditions that go with it! Kel asked today about why the eggs if rabbits don't lay eggs... so it's all explained in the journalling!!

1 comment:

  1. love the layout Mistra.. and Kellan looks like he had a wonderful time.

    glad you had a good day.