Thursday, 13 April 2006

New Banner...

Sooo I was bored tonight. Added some width to the blog, it's scary but this html stuff is starting to make sense... eeeek!! Then decided I needed a new banner. So downloaded a free digi kit by Kim Crothers and have had my first digital scrap experience... 'cept there's no pics and it's pretty simple! But hey... a girl's gotta start somewhere!!
My lovely friend Flee has kept me occupied chat wise... Lisa kept running off on cyber space walks {bet she's on the po'd side by now}... I sent Darren to his brothers to chill out and Kel & I have just been vegging here.
I even did the dishes... now that is bored!! I'd scrap but have no recent pics and am sick to death of the old ones for now. I love them - but after putting together the last Angel Layouts have had a hankering to continue with the new funky papers I have!! So have warned Kel that a photo shoot is on the cards... he's so good he pleasantly answered 'yes mum' - well trained!!
Our new hot water system is HOT... sooo much better than the old one as being instantaneous we can just stand in the shower for as long as we want and it won't run out! Love it!!
Weather is getting cold during the nights now... am sitting here rugged up in my jammies and dressing gown... love being cosy and warm! Love winter... looking forward to it being warm enough to get the pot-belly fired up, nothing quite like listening to it crackle away!!

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