Sunday, 9 April 2006

Another Scrapalicious Day

I scrapped like a mad thing yesterday!! I did 5 Layouts in the one day! None have photos as I am yet to take them... but we all know I'm weird! I loved working with these new papers {can't say what yet - it's the next LC's Angel Feature}! When I first got them from Lynn I loved them, but then got the "OMG what do I do with them" thing happening again!!
I had all my sketches etc organised as I mentioned yesterday... sat there for a couple of hours going "ummmmm" and then went for it! Subsequently not one of them match my sketches, why do I work that way? Yeah ok... cause I'm weird!!
Sooo what else... were going to go out yesterday, but didn't, Darren crashed for a nanna nap and stuffed that idea!! We do have a new hot water system coming on Tuesday though... woohooo - hot water!! And darn it - I'll have to take the day off for him to come as Darren is actually working a whole 5 hours that day, we're slowly getting back to normal there!!
Were supposed to go out for sausage sizzle today.. but haven't! BIL and neice came over today - so at least Darren and Kellan each have someone to play with!! So we did the sausage sizzle here! Tonight off to MIL's for dinner and a hot shower!! Ohhh how nice will that be... can't do another old fashioned basin bath!!
That's all for today... pretty much just been vegging away nice and content!! Love my weekends!!

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