Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Quick post...

Yesterday I got my next DT pack.. and wowee - these papers are yummo! Now what to do with them!?! I also put the next Angel Medley together last night - record time! It is going to be gorgeous again - but then I am so totally biased!! Poor Lynn would've been up to all hours answering my emails - do you have, can you get - doubt she got many orders packed! Sorry Lynn but I was on roll!!
My last Angel Medley is selling really well - phew - so if you were thinking of getting one with those stunning Daisy D's papers, get in quick!! I can't stop using the Daisy D Heirloom papers. I had one of every pattern and have nearly used them all...
And on exciting news... {well exciting for me}... I got my precious BG Urban Couture pack... as glorious as I thought it would be!!
And RIBBONS!! I just sorted through and posted the LC's 3 Ribbons Swaps so have 30 yummy metres here... and just received a stash from Lynn. She has bought in these retro, circle and flower designs in satin and they are only $1.00 per metre... talk about bargain!! I almost have enough to roll in them!!
OK... so it was a supply ramble... but is there any better thing in life than scrap supplies. Well perhaps winning Lotto - but that aside... woohoo for new scrap stuff!!

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