Thursday, 13 April 2006

It's a Friday kinda Thursday...

Don't ya just love it when Thursday is the last day of the working week because Friday is a holiday!?! Even though I had Tuesday off for the water heater I am still hanging for a long weekend!
This house is such a disgrace and I'm really hoping I can motivate myself to do a massive tidy up and then a big clean!
We have no plans other than Saturday we have lunch with the family as it's Darren's B'day - will be the last year he's in his 30's and he's none too happy about that!! Geeshe - look what age has done to us. For birthdays we used to go out and party party party... now we stay home with the parents...!!!
I have to work on my birthday... blah! I could have taken holidays, but with no lots of funds to spend I'll go stir crazy. I prefer to be able to shop and go to cafes with friends... go out with friends etc on holidays... so will wait until the next school holidays!!
OK... I'm off to work now... have a good day y'all!!

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