Saturday, 29 July 2006

August EDM - Snapshots/SEI Iron-Ons

What an awesome onsert to have with FK this month. SEI Iron-Ons! I've never used these before... and so in true Mistra nature I just went right ahead with no testing first! And the result... perfect! How easy are these to use... plugging in the iron was the hardest part, especially if you simply don't 'do' ironing!! The things I do for my wonderful obsession! If you haven't used them before... give them a whirl!!

Getting my LO to balance was the hard part though... I was insistent on using this velvet SEI paper I've had since for ever... and it was hard. Then I tried some graphic doodling, which looked very sad to say the least... so I stitched over them and added rub-ons and inked. Finally I was happy with it!!

Isn't it funny how some layouts are hard hard work... and others just flow together so easily!!

I love the snap-shots theme for this month... if you're having trouble on thinking where to start think of it as a single moment in time, something that might usually go unrecorded. Hence my rainbow here. There is hidden journaling telling the story of this rainbow... I was driving inside it on my way home! It was a truely awesome experience and when I got home I raced in yelling to the boys to go outside right NOW!! It put me on a high for the rest of the night... so I'm pleased I got this snapshot... and thankful to Donna for saying it would be a perfect one for the EDM!! How right she was!

But it could be... a favourite thing... a bad hair day... a "kodak" moment... anything that you normally wouldn't think to photograph or scrap. An everyday moment... or a once in a lifetime experience... cool theme hey! Even if you're not doing the EDM... this is something you could challenge yourself to do... get that mojo back in the swing of things!!

Anyway... that's all from me tonight! Take care of you...


  1. lol, I wish plugging in the iron was the hardest part for me,I totally stuffed up my SEI numbers.Yours of course looks great.

  2. fabulous layout!!! arnt those clours gorgeous,,
    Same for me i didnt do to well with my iron ons am hoping to get better as i by the third layout i should have it