Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Weekend gone...

... was great. I had a really good weekend, too short of course but it was a good one!

Friday night I went and adopted a kitten from Lisa... she couldn't keep Shadow and no-one else could take him so I sucked up to hubby and got a yes... he really is the cutest little thing, wish the other cats would get over it though! Two are starting to tolerate him, but Tiger doesn't want to know... fickle animals. Jasper is actually starting to play with him a little - so long as no-one is watching! Not that any of it fazes Shadow... he loves revving them up! So anyway... this little kitten has bought such joy into our home... thanks Lisa. Here he is sleeping in {well half in} his basket on my desk.

Saturday I went shopping, bought some new shoes... a size down!! Guess I've worked out where some of the weight vanished from! Went to Spotlight to get some tape... still none there, getting a wee bit agro over that now! They had some cheaper runner style ones that will do the job though. Got some things for the kitten as well... even got groceries. Oh and an old fashioned style mop and squeegie bucket thing that I've been going to get for a year now! Best thing in the world... our tiles are shining again!

Sunday I went scrapping with the girls, well 4 of us, myself, Chelle, Lisa & Karen. Was a great day as always and I found some mojo... finished 2 more EDM Layouts for the Family theme and one of Kel and Shadow, which is a simple one but I love the colours and the papers.

These are the 2 other EDM Layouts... I am finally starting to get with the flow of working in 9x9, just have trouble trying to fit everything on there!!

This is obviously us! Old photo... but a favourite so I am pleased to have this one in our Everyday Moments Album.

And this is Kel and his cousin on Kel's birthday... they get along so well, and are hard to get photos of, so this is another treasured one. The two of them chattering away on the trampoline!

OK... gotta go, work beckons! Take care of you...


  1. Wonderful LOs Mistra. Gorgeous.

  2. Love how they all turned out Mistra... Your showing me its OK to put flowers on a BOY lo... gonna have to try that... also colouring the petals how you do... clever!

  3. Beautiful layouts Mistra, will you be carrying the heart theme all the way through?

  4. Thanks everyone! Yes Lee... I intend to, I want all the pages to be different but have some common element tying them altogether, iykwim!!