Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Thought I'd better...

blog... because I haven't for a while.

Nothing to report really. How sad... too bad...

Went and saw "Dusty" at Burswood with my work {a client night thing}... was great! Even knowing nothing about her except her name didn't hold back the enjoyment factor... although SOMEONE could of at the least told me she died a few years ago... I was sobbing, amongst clients, no tissues... with a head cold... can you imagine... perhaps best not to try. Lets just say my shirt really needs a good wash!! I was pathetic... and I couldn't stop, each time I managed to compose myself something else sad or touching would happen!!

What else... not much. Had coffee and cake with Chelle on Sunday when I went to collect something, that was really lovely... a nice way to spend a few hours... thanks Chelle! Told hubby I'd be gone just over an hour... good thing he knows me well!!

Other than that I just feel like I'm been pulled this way and that... have been home late 4 times in the last 7 days and I really hate that, my poor family have hardly seen me... well that's how it feels anyway. Although when I break everything down, things aren't that hectic... and most things I've had to do are pleasant. Guess we all feel that way now and again. Time for some time-out I think!!

Oh... Karen... Balfours Frogs. When I was little... and right up until we moved here to WA, whenever we went home to Adelaide mum or one of my grandma's would take us to Balfours {cake shop} and buy us a "Frog"... its just a cake, with green fondant icing and made to look like a frog! Nothing all that exciting... unless of course you're me!! A childhood memory and tradition... 'cept this time I have a camera... and I scrap!! I can't wait to go to Adelaide... next month!! Woohoo!!

That's it for me... will blog again when I'm a little more conscious... early night I think {says me at 9:45pm}!!


  1. wow no wonder you was not here when I was on at 10.30.. you was tucked up in bed. You do need to rest darl otherwise you will burn out.

    Glad you liked Dusty.. Chelle did too..

    take care matey mo.

  2. Well Mistra, I did check out Balfours Frogs on my short trip to Adelaide, and they are **way** too sweet for me. But now I can say I know what they are, and they do look cute... My DH (with his obsession for Neenish Tarts) would have been in heaven!