Sunday, 16 July 2006

Been quiet...

... but "it's all good" as sweet Karis at work always says!

Have been scrapping... phew... still got the mojo! have finished 3 LO's for Lynn, 1 for the Scrappi Dais Challenge and 1 for the EDM Comp!! And the dishes and meals still got cooked!! Well ok... I admit I forgot to cook dinner last night!

We went to see Superman tonight... I wasn't overly fussed but Darren is a mad... no it needs bold that one... MAD keen Superman nut {his hero} and so therefore Kellan is as well!! But you know what... it was great! I loved it... I mean really, how can someone not love Superman! I have to admit it felt odd sitting there when the opening credits started knowing that Christopher Reeves wasn't go to be appearing... really quite weird. However the guy that is now Superman... let's just say they've done justice... even Darren was approving! Oh it was sooo good... but then a movie critic I'm not, it's very rare that I won't enjoy a movie!! Tell ya what though... it felt really weird sitting there with a diet coke whilst smelling popcorn all around me!

I've had a headache all day, which is now unusual, don't usually get them on this diet... but then I didn't drink all my water yesterday and missed a meal... and snacks... could be it! Hopefully it's gone tomorrow because today I drank all my water and more... and ate all my meals... well no snacks though... simply not hungry when scrapping now... OMG... can't beleive I said that!! We had a delish lamb roast for dinner tonight and I spoilt myself with roast pumpkim... yummy!

Oh oh... that reminds me... last night I had the weirdest dream... I dreamt of eating chocolate. How sad!! I woke up and thought I could smell it... and felt so guilty for ruining my diet, which of course I hadn't because it was dreaming chocolate and I don't think that's fattening... is it?

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  1. LOL Mistra, dreaming about chocolate! You are doing great and dreams are the only guilt free chocolate indulgence you get! LOL