Friday, 7 July 2006

A side blog...

I've started another blog >>> over there. Called "Never Again, Nope, No Way..."

It's going to be my weight loss obsession blog... so I don't bore us all to tears here! I have to get obsessed to keep myself on track... and I doubt it's going to be very entertaining, but it's there if you want to read it!


  1. Go Mistra - might do the same myself - I like that idea (when I get back from Melbourne cos I will be over indulging just a tad over there!!)You can do it - don't forget to make short term, medium term andlong term goals, have treat days (helps to stir up the metabolism) once a week too....stops you craving so much...

  2. My first treat will be a Balfours Frog & a Farmers Union Iced Coffee in Adelaide... that's my first goal!! And then maybe once a month at scrappi dais. That should be plenty enough!!