Thursday, 6 July 2006

Shopping tonight....

New life starts {again} tomorrow!!

I have to get back on my diet... I feel crap, my body hates all the carbs I eat, it's time.

Yesterday I saw a girl who lost a heap of weight doing pretty much the same thing I do... cut out the carbs... stick to low GI. She did that well over a year ago and she has stuck to it and looks awesome. I'm so rapt for her as she is literally glowing with health... I want to look & feel like that!

So tonight I shop... need scales as well as the correct foods... tonight I binge {hehehe}... tomorrow is the start of the rest of my life! I might start a separate blog to document it... that alone might help me keep with it.

Goodbye sweet nothings... your days are done. However... if I'm a good girl I can go to Darrell Lea and get sugar free chocolate! Life is not over!!


  1. way to go girl .. good idea on the life changes.. says she who is sitting here with coke in hand and chicken chips... not a good feeling I have right now.

    So looking forward to seeing and hearing all about the progress

  2. thats the way Mistra - you want to be feeling on top fo the world for Adelaide....

  3. Goood luck with the diet Mistra. My mother in law is on the CSIRO diet (low carbs) and has lost 6 kilos in 8 weeks.
    So when I get there (Perth) we will have low-fat coffees and low-fat cake. OK?

  4. Good for you Mistra!! It is a hard step to take - I wish you all the best with it - I am sure you can do it! My SIL recently started a no carb diet and has lost 10 kgs in about 7 weeks!

  5. Way to go Mistra. I have just started a low carb diet, mostly no bread, or potato as they just don't agree with me. The first week I lost 1kg and it was that time of the month. I never lose weight so I am really happy with that result.

  6. I am sure you will do fabulously with your diet Mistra, commitment and determination is whats needed and you have both.