Thursday, 20 July 2006

Brrrr.... it's cold!!

Well for Perth I think it's cold!! When are we going to get some rain so the darn place warms up a bit!! All well and good for beautiful blue skies... not that you can do much with them because it's so cold without the nice warm blanket of clouds!!

Diet is going well... all still on track and burning away that fat of mine, will be slower now after the first week. I think 4.5kg a week would be a tad unhealthy! If I could manage 1.5 or 2 kg for a few weeks and then down to 1kg... then I'll be happy!

No more EDM LO's yet... at least 2 to do and the next FK is coming out soon! Aaaarrggh! That's ok, I have Scrappi Dais on the weekend so can work on them there... if I get photos on Saturday. My poor family... the things I make them do all for my hobby!!

1 comment:

  1. I am also lagging behind Mistra, still have two EDM'S to go.Glad your diet is on track!