Monday, 10 July 2006

It's back!!

Found some mojo! I started cutting with wild abandon and did one of my DT layouts and I'm reallt pleased with it!! I had no preconceieved idea of what to do... just started cutting, and it came together!!

Now to see if I can fluke some more, although they'll need specific photos that are yet to be taken!

I had to treat Kel's hair AGAIN last night... more crawlies and he can't go to daycare with them... an hour of treating and combing and I think the buggers are gone 'again'. Also chopped his fringe as it was down to his nose... should see him this morning... it's really quite a tragedy!! Not that he cares... he who wants a mohawk {gulp} can't be that fussed with this thing called 'style'. So we've done a deal... if he can increase his grades and get into no trouble at school for the next 2 terms, then he can have a mohawk, but a short one and not bald at the sides! Darren nearly died... but Kel wants it, and with 6 weeks off school for the christmas holidays... by the time he goes back to school it's grown back! If that makes him try harder in school then I don't care... it's only hair! Thank god! Going to make for some 'interesting' Christmas photos!

Cut a fringe into my hair as well... which looks decidedly better than Kellan's. I think I need to get a proper cut though for once... get some layers in the back. Cutting the fringe bought back all the curl again and I like it, been awhile since I had a fringe...


  1. Glad you found some mojo back.. its nice when it returns.. wish mine would.

    Bad about Kellan and the nits again.. time to shave it all off.. hehe..interesting though about the mohawk.. love to see the chrissy cards there.

    Mistra has a fringe.. thats new.. looking forward to seeing the change.

    Take care!

  2. OMG I'm glad I'm not the only one - both my kids have had 'crawlies' on and off since Jan - I have treated them SO many times I seriously think they are Immune.
    I am so over it

  3. Love that line," cut with wild abandon" Mistra, might have to give that a go.!

  4. Glad the Mojo is back... wanna find mine now?