Saturday, 3 January 2009

...and more!!

I've still got the mojo flowing. have scrapped and created for most of today... even made something for the shop newsletter {when I get around to writing the darn thing}! But at the moment I am taking advantage of this creative spell!

These are both based on the latest PageMaps sketches... am really needing them for the doubles lately, but hey... she draws them so we use them!!

Scrappi Dais here tomorrow... looking forward to it. Likely won't scrap a thing though knowing me... but there's always a first time! The house is still a mess, but I'll get up early and get the dishes done and hope the girls keep their eyes shut for the rest of the house!! Crop room is tidy though...

Well... guessing I should get to sleep, but there's another LO calling to me!!

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