Monday, 19 January 2009

First... thanks everyone for all your comments and kind wishes re MaD's going bye-bye's! I'm so ready for a new era in my life now... full steam ahead!! Everything in the store is almost flying of the shelves... it's so great to see and I'm glad that atm it's people I know are benefiting from it!

Second... more scrapping! Yayyy...

This one is KarenM's little honey Ellie, isn't she gorgeous!?! These were taken when she wasn't talking to me because I was a stranger... about 5 minutes later we were best friends {think it was the camera that did it}!! This one was for a challenge at ScrapWitch CC that Heather set, based on using a magazine ad as inspiration {wicked challenge btw}

And this one is a Challenge that I set, to scrap the constant's in your life, instead of the new things and changes that we are all scrapping atm... so of course mine has housework, and my gorgeous cheeky sod of a boy!! So simple though... if I'm losing my mojo heads will roll!!

I have yet to do Jill's challenge, hers was a great one. To make a kit up with certain things, and then scrap 2 LO's and 2 Cards... but TV won out instead of scrapping!

Third... I have 16 ATC's {4 lots of 4} to do before the weekend... shite!!!

Fourth... I accidentally just posted this at the Scrappi Dais Blog... what a tool!!

And Last... that gorgeous kid of mine is doing the dishes as I type, because "he's bored and I've worked hard all day"... love him!!

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