Saturday, 24 January 2009


I finally finished last years ATC's from the ATC Club @ Sharon Mannings site, thanks to Jen telling me I had to finish them last week {nothing like a deadline is there}. I got 4 sets done in a week and had such fun creating them.

Winter Theme: "Winter Solstice"

Home Theme: "Home is Where the Heart is"
Starsign: "Cusp of Power"

Christmas Theme: "All Wrapped Up"

So we're finished up now, sadly. However I have all these gorgeous ATC's from everyone and really want to have them up for display somehow. The work and thought that goes into them all needs to be seen... I was thinking a mural of sorts, but still want to see the backs so I don't forget who created what, so will have myself a think! It was a great learning journey and I still have much learning to do... but what made it easiest was feeling comfortable in my learning and not being judged for not having 'perfect' ATC's with these wonderful ladies I can call my friends!

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