Sunday, 25 January 2009

Do You Believe in...


Still working on Emily's 52Q... not patting myself on the back yet though as this is about as far as I got last year with my One Word attempt!!

This weeks question: Do You Believe in Fairies? I thought this was the BEST topic, such scope for fun! I ended up playing with Fusible Film. I've used it in the past, but not the way it was designed to be used... so I did it the 'right' way this time and fused the layers together with an iron {shhhh yes I know it's the "i" word there, but it was used for art and not housework, you can relax!!}, it all wrinkled and shriveled and created stunning patterns and colours! Then I cut out the fairy wings!

I found a site full of ephemera links, with free images for artist use, which is where I got that cute pic of the fairy kids. Have bookmarked it now!!

Unfortunately the camera can't quite catch how pretty these wings are, I'm really pleased with them. I've also realised I have winged things happening through my little album, butterflies, angel wings and fairy wings... wonder if this mood stays with me through the year? About time, I'm only about a year behind the rest of the scrapping world with the fascination for all things winged!!

Fly... be Free! LOL!!!

Had Jules, Chrissie, Jen, Vicki and my ma over yesterday to scrap... was a lovely easy going day, productive as well!! Jen created a name badge, Chrissie scrapped working on a fabbo mini album, Vik created a canvas {it was stunning using wicked Rose Moka papers... very noice}, Jules sorted through about a million photos, mum scrapped like a demon and I moved paper around... LOL, ok I did one LO and started another one which is now finished. I've also finished the 2 CJ's I've had here for about a decade... so Sharon, some more will be coming your way soon!

Today I was going to go up to Nev's but it's 37 here today and her place will be at the very least 41... so staying home was a better idea. So we spoke for a couple of hours on the phone instead though, and she's not alone up there as Arthur is at home still. The mines are laying people off... atm he's just been told to have another week off... so fingers crossed he's back up there soon. Luckily he has a trade and isn't just general labour atm... hopefully that will help them weather through these tough times here in WA for now.

Until next time... take care of you and enjoy life!!


  1. Your ATC's look fantastic Mistra! And yes I will look forward to receiving another couple of CJ's from you. I haven't been doing much scrapping just enjoying an extended break from creating which has been rather refreshing. But I feel the itch to do something so maybe in the next day or so I can have something to show.
    Take Care
    Sharon xo

  2. A little piece of angelic art...beautiful Mis! BTW - I believe too...

  3. Who wouldn't want to beleive in fairies! That's right at the top of the list with that knight-in-shining-armor-on-the-white-horse myth for me (ok... so my knight drives a silver Kia instead of a white horse.. but a girl can dream).

  4. Mistra, you're just so clever! And patient. I adore your little fairies - and hey, what a question! Pfft! As if there is any possibility that they might not, you know, e-x-i-s-t. Shhh, don't even say it out loud. They do. They just do. Love the way you do things, it's just wonderful.