Saturday, 17 January 2009

A Choice...

A few days ago I made a HUGE decision that MaDs had run its course and done its short-lived dash. I know new business needs time to get moving, but 6 months ago I made a choice that it had to start holding it's own, even breaking even would be fine... for a short while it did and I was so very happy. And then it didn't and didn't and didn't... and so, in keeping with my promise to myself for the year to move forward and leave the negative behind I will be closing it down, and hence I will be able to 'breathe' again and hopefully reduce a little bit of stress in my life! I'm sad it didn't work as I had dreamed, but I did have so much fun with it... I may not have made the money I dreamed I would with it, but I learned a lot and the joy of playing in the shop and packing an order never went away!

So my very talented creative team Vicki and Karen have been told... and then a few scrappy friends... and now you my blog readers! I'll be sending a newsletter out at the beginning of February announcing it to all my subscribers and then over the next few months wind it all down.

But the good thing... there's a HUGE SALE on! There is 40>80% off the lot until it goes.... so I'll be open for a little longer to clear it all out! So pop on over to MaDscraps and grab yourselves some MaD bargains before everyone else does... LOL!!

Darren thinks he's going to get half the crop table {it splits into 2} for his gaming... LOL, silly man! I'll be having Scrappi Dais crops here from time to time as well as my monthly crops... I really enjoy these days! Having crops here also allows me to socialise IRL but still be with my family, it's a great balance so I won't be giving that up! I think we might move the house around a bit though and move the family room into the shop and the 'crop room' into the family room... and the dining table into my scrap room. OK, getting ahead of myself here... need to move well over 1000 lines of stock first!!

So anyway... that's my big choice!! I'm a little sad {hate to give in, stubborn sod that I can be} but I'm also feeling very relieved and free already... so I know it's the right choice!


  1. Hi hon! You already know that you have my full support. I've loved working with you and am a little sad also. I know that we'll still be friends and will create together!!

    Love ya

    Vicki xxx

  2. Sad to hear that least you gave it a go and wont get to the end of your life regretting what you didnt try!
    Thinking happy thoughts for you :-D

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  4. So sad for you Mistra. What a difficult choice for you to make. It sounds like you made the right choice for you and your family though. And you did have loads of fun, lots of memories to scrap, and did some really beautiful work from what I've seen. Big hugs for you and your family.

  5. Good for you for having a go! And putting family first, or actually you, your own wellbeing first! Here's to your health & happiness! xoxoD

  6. Well I'm proud of you Mistra! You gave it a go and that's all anyone can ask of you. Such a difficult decision to make (believe me I've been there and it isn't easy) but I'm sure for your peace of mind, health and happiness it will be the right one.
    Sharon xo

  7. Such a sad day, but...your health and well being and that of your family is what matters most. I love you for who you are and I am right behind you no matter where you may travel. Good luck in all your endeavours dear Mistra!!

  8. Hugs Mistra,
    It ain't an easy choice to make. (Trust me I know, just made a very similar one myself)
    Sometimes life just has other plans for us.
    And its not as though you are giving up scrapping. :-)

  9. Mistra, it's sad to read that you are MaD's is closing, however you have given it your best shot and now you need to put yourself and your family first. Good luck in your endeavours.
    Michelle H.

  10. You did a great job of it Mistra, Good Luck with everything.

  11. You gave it a go and that is something you should be proud of Mistra.
    It's not like you are giving scrapping up and I love seeing your beautiful work.
    Take care with your health and be happy.

  12. Good on you Mistra for following your dream and opening your store, and for enjoying the journey. Good on you for making a difficult decision that is right for you and your family and your health and well-being. Take care xx

  13. Wow, I totally missed this news whilst I was away.
    Sometimes we all just have to make that decision and allow ourselves to 'chill out' for a while. Good on you for giving it all a go though.
    Wishing you all the best in your 'new life' .... Keep up the creating.

  14. Mistra yep choices can be hard but I also know when you close one door another opens and untill you close one you will never know what life has for you

    Believe me I have closed many doors and you know a lot of them and when the next one opens it's better than the one that was closed

    we will stay friends and chat late at night.

    Here's wishing you and your family lots of great times his year as a new journey starts