Monday, 12 January 2009

Finally got around to scanning a layout I did last week... did nothing scrap-wise over the weekend though, funny how it works like that!

Today thanks to the Aussie Scrapbooking Blog I found Emily Falconbridge's new challenge for the year... based more around journaling... so I'm going to try and keep up. Last year and the one before were very sad efforts on my behalf! This year I'm doing them on some Kraft Tags I've nicked from the shop and will scrap and play on them... no ideas in mind to try new techniques or be arty... just have fun and answer the weekly questions. Hence Emily's name for this one "52Q" being 52 Questions!

So here I go... Simple Front Page: {it needs a little flourish, but I have to find one yet}

Question 1:

And my answers... I've left them as words as I think they say enough, and this is for me, so I know what I mean by them.

Breathe... to take control of my eratic breathing {my stress indicator}... breathe, relax, chillout.
Make Progress... to move forward, get over hurdles and get somewhere financially and emotionally... even if an iddy bit at a time.
Family First... a given, they always are... but last year I feel I spent too much of my time away from them, this year I belong to them.
Let Go of the Negative... I'm generally a positive person, but for the last say 10 years {yep... that long} I find I've been surrounded by negative energy; with some friendships, in the workplace, even in the scrapping world... and I finished 2008 feeling somewhat disillusioned by my world. I'm letting it go and trying to not let it affect me, burying my head in the sand on some occasions! Yes we all have down times... and I'm there to lend a hand/ear/nostril whatever is needed LOL... but that's not what I'm talking about. by letting go of the negative.. it's about the conversations where constantly there's nothing happy, where everything is everyone elses fault, the times where you are used for the time needed but left behind afterwards, when you are only spoken to when someone needs something, where everything is a complaint etc, and also the negativity I have within myself now... I used to only see the good in people and I want that back. This is a hard one, but I think if I can manage it... then my health will improve, and so too my good friendships that I am blessed with {they deserve more of me}, even my position at work and time with my family {who definately deserve more of me}... and yes, it has hurt {is still hurting} making this decision... and I hope I'm moving in the right direction... but sometimes you have to do what you have to do... we will see!

Phew... well that was a bit for a Monday night! If you finished reading that sorry if you're feeling somewhat tired and depressed now! No more after this... we're moving forward... MAKING PROGRESS!!

Until I scrap more... take care of you!!


  1. Mistra,

    I love that LO at the top. It looks like you've just opened a door and are looking out into the garden. Beautiful concept.

  2. Thanks Jewels... and pretty much that's what it was... just 3 steps outside our side door, looking over the grapevines and the bush beyond! One of my favourite parts of the garden!

  3. Gorgeous Layout Mistra! And I hear you loud and clear with your Answers especially the Negative one - Positivity and Perspective for me this year!

  4. I love the idea of the Q52... but knowing me i'd do a few weeks maybe and not finish it. lol

    Love your 'tags' so far, especially your goals and meanings for each. They sound very 'deep'.

  5. Congratulatons Mistra on moving forward. Good luck for the year ahead. I certainly hear you on the negative/positive and you have inspired me to follow.
    Michelle H.

  6. Oh Missy, I have had probably the worst 2 years of my life! 2008 was a very downward descent, with just a few little specks of brightness...I am so hoping this year will be better, I am certainly working towards that. I loved meeting you after the "train wreck" I caused, will always be regretful for that..xoxoxoxo.
    I pray 2009 is better for both of us.
    I have retreated nearly completely from blogs & forums, removed myself from facebook & am trying to concentrate on growing a stronger, happier, healthier (physically & mentally), more organised, active & smaller me!!! I am attending my first Weight Watchers meeting next week, I am going to complete my TAFE course this year, my beloved firstborn starts High School & my baby does her PreSchool year, while the 8 year old Diva starts at a New School also...I do hope to attend the LSS scrap mornings on a somewhat regular basis...without the anxiety build-up pre-attending attached...I also hope my family stays together & my DH can follow up his words with postive actions...
    I also don't make resolutions, but I am taking steps in a more positive that end...
    I like the idea of the 52Q, it is absolutely months & months since I have scrapped....and that would certainly be a meaningful way to start again, I might do 2 3/4 x 4 1/4 pages (an 8.5 x 11 in cut into 4) to utilise my 2 albums that size, 8 would fit into a plastic page protector..thanks for the inspiration!!!
    Love D